Our Fantastic Team

We can’t say enough of our fantastic team. Each day these individuals continue to grow and expand what’s possible in the eCommerce industry by building and creating the best tools and services on the planet so we can benefit all of our Launch Cart customers and users.

Our Mission

To empower entrepreneurs from around the globe with world-class online software and training to help more people reach massive success online.

Our Vision

To catapult the new generation of web entrepreneurs into the future by lowering their barrier to entry to sell and market online, building software to make selling easier for millions of people around the world, and designing feature-rich eCommerce software that increases the success rate of everyone of our online sellers.

The Team

Group 21615

Greg Writer


Percy Miller


Bernt Ullmann

Chief Brand Accelerator
Group 21619

Jeff Barnes

COO & Board Member

Tyler Ryan

Group 21617

Joshua Writer

Director of Marketing
Group 21620

Candace W

Project Manager
Group 21621

Rio M

Technical Support

Nikolas K

Sr Developer

Alexander B




Dwight Gelowitz


Dan Schulz

Group 21627

Sheila K

Group 21628

Alexandra N

Support Manager

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