How to use your Launch Cart software

Getting started

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Lesson 1

How to login

Learn how to login to your new ecommerce store or just go to

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Lesson 2

Overview of your store's admin panel

Learn how your store admin panel works and how easy it’s going to be to manage everything about your new store.

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Lesson 3

How to enable a payment provider

Learn how to enable a payment provider for your store so you can start accepting payments online from your new store.

Adding Products

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Lesson 4

How to create product categories

Learn how to create product categories so you can assign products to categories for your visitors to browse from.

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Lesson 5

How to create your 1st print-on-demand product

Learn how to create customized tshirts, hats, mugs and over 300 products using your own artwork and images.

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Lesson 6

How to create print-on-demand products using the design marketplace

Learn how to use the design marketplace to search and find over 10,000 images to be used for print-on-demand products.

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Lesson 7

How to create a manual product

Learn how to create a manual product.

Configuring your store

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Lesson 8

How to customize your store's look and feel

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Lesson 9

How to replace your store's URL with a custom domain

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Lesson 10

How to add custom pages & edit navigation menus

How to generate sales

Lesson 10

How to share your store on social media

Lesson 11

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Lesson 12

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