Quick Start Guide

How to use your Launch Cart software

Getting Started

Lesson 1

How to login

Learn how to login to your new ecommerce store.

Lesson 2

Overview of your store’s admin panel

Learn how your store admin panel works and how easy it’s going to be to manage everything about your new store.

Lesson 3

How to enable a payment provider

Learn how to enable a payment provider for your store so you can start accepting payments online from your new store.

Lesson 4

How to create product categories

Learn how to create and assign product categories to your eCommerce products.

Lesson 5

How to list your first product for sale

Learn how to create and list a new product for sale on your store in this step-by-step tutorial.

Lesson 6

How to create your first print-on-demand product
Learn how to use our Printful or Printify apps to create a print-on-demand product in minutes.

Lesson 7

How to add a custom domain to your store

Learn how simple it is to add a custom domain to your store.

Lesson 8

How to add staff accounts

Learn how to invite staff members to help manage your online store

Lesson 9

How to add bump offers, upsells, and downsells to increase profits.

Learn how to use the “automatic upsell flow” builder to increase your store’s profits.

Lesson 10

How to manage your inventory

Learn how to control your inventory settings, and inventory amounts.

Lesson 11

How to create custom pages, sales pages, and landing pages

Learn how to use the drag ‘n drop page builder to build any page you want.

Lesson 12

How to customize your checkout page

Learn how to improve conversions on your checkout page by customizing it.

Lesson 13

How to customize the navigation menu

Learn how to add navigation links to your ecom store.

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