How to market your print on demand products using tiktok/instagram/snapchat/etc. (without paying for advertising)

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12 tips for marketing your print-on-demand products on Instagram without spending on ads

Have you ever discovered a brand with great products on social media?

For many people using Instagram this is a common occurrence. This is because 50% of Instagram users follow at least one brand and 71% of businesses in the US use Instagram.

To run a successful business in today’s digital world, you must make use of all digital tools at your disposal. You have to be where your customers are in order to attract them to your company.

Designed to be a visual platform, Instagram makes for a great option to market your print-on-demand products. Its built-in shopping capability makes your job even easier.

New to business or Instagram? Make sure your Instagram account is a business account. It will allow you to access business features and create Shoppable posts and stories.

We’re sharing our top 12 tips for you to utilize your Instagram account to drive traffic and sales for your print-on-demand merchandise store.

  1.     Schedule posts to be consistent

Regular posting is key to a strong presence on Instagram and building a dedicated audience. There are many different tools available now that let you schedule your posts. Make sure you schedule any holiday posts well in time so you don’t forget any important occasions.

  1.     Make use of stories

Post stories frequently to stay in your followers’ Instagram feeds. They only stay for 24 hours so you can use it to post lots of updates without having to make posts on each. If you build a large following (10,000+ followers) you can use the swipe up feature to send followers directly to your online shop.

  1.     Highlight stories

The highlight feature allows you to save your stories so followers can see them even after 24 hours. You can create different folders with different product categories and add relevant stories to highlight your popular, new, or discounted print-on-demand products. New visitors can quickly get a snapshot of your offerings.

  1.     Use the right hashtags

Using the right hashtags to your posts is a good way to allow people who may be interested in your products to find your brand. Try to use specific and relevant hashtags that apply to your images and keep mixing them up.

  1.     Create a hashtag for your brand

You may think you can just use #printondemand but creating your own branded hashtag will not only build brand recognition but also allow you to track what your customers are saying.

  1.     Respond to comments

When the focus of your posts is encouraging engagement, not responding to comments does not make sense. When people comment on your content, be sure to reply. Assist them with their queries, validate their remarks, and clarify confusions. It’s an important part of building brand equity. Show that you’re listening.

  1.     Make your posts shoppable

With your Shoppable account you can tag your products in your posts and stories. This will take the followers directly to your e-commerce store to make a purchase. Once you’ve set it up, make sure you announce to your followers that they can now shop on your account.

  1.   Create appealing visuals

Instagram is a visual platform and to stand out you need to put effort into creating stunning images of your products. Use free graphics tools to enhance your images and add the right text. Show variations of your products with different backgrounds, take photos of products in use, and try different angles. Your goal is not only to make your followers double tap but also make them want to make a purchase.

  1.     The power of user generated content

When it comes to making purchase decisions, more people trust fellow consumers. User generated content or UGC is content created by consumers about your brand and is considered very valuable for building authentic brand identity. You can put your customers in the spotlight and let them create social proof by sharing their thoughts on your products. Plus it’s free! Encourage your followers by sharing customer photos and thanking them in comments.

10.Use live videos and IGTV

There are multiple mediums for posting content on Instagram. In addition to your posts and stories, try to use more IG live and IGTV videos. You can be really creative with these and get to engage directly with your followers. You can use these videos to announce special events, promote giveaways, hold interviews with relevant people, show unboxings etc.

  1. Make it easy to find information about your brand

People tend to look at your profile information to learn more about your brand. So make sure you include the right description that matches your brand style. Use your bio to show what your brand is all about.

  1. Supercharge your bio link with Launch Links

You can only add one link in your bio. With a Launch Link URL you can share links from multiple channels and generate more traffic.

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