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What will I learn?

Our eCommerce mentoring experts will share their knowledge, expertise, and teach you required skills to run a successful business. Unlock the true potential of your eCommerce store by learning the insider secrets and best practices to 10Xing revenue, lowering your bounce rate, and increasing your AOV (average order value) from millionaire eCommerce mentors and experts who’ve been there and know what works.


An eCommerce store website for your online business.


Launch Academy is a private e-Commerce mentoring membership area that provides instructional videos, interviews, entrepreneurs advice, support, and training (similar to an e-commerce mentoring session) from known (and unknown) millionaire eCommerce experts & faculty staff.

Every month we host video interviews with ecommerce mentors and various experts in the industry to share what is working NOW in order to succeed.

From managing your mindset and efforts to email marketing, creating content, community growth and even copywriting. This type of insider knowledge is guaranteed to increase your revenue from your online e-commerce stores.



Launch Academy Includes…

We constantly host LIVE streaming shows where we interview an eCommerce mentor and millionaire eCom experts, showcase real-life examples of profitable eCommerce stores, and show you how to increase your eCommerce sales and take questions LIVE during these video sessions. Prepare your questions wisely and in advance to make the most of it.

All past live events are recorded and shown in the members-only “replay page” where you can replay them at any time.

The majority of our LIVE events usually include interviews with a guest with certain ecommerce experience. This might be a millionaire store owner, an entrepreneur, a specialist in traffic generation, and conversion rate optimization expert, a branding expert, or someone else that can share their insight into e-Commerce and dramatically teach you how to increase your sales and grow your ecommerce business.

Inside eCom Mentor’s private members area is our library of ever growing library of eCom mini courses. These courses range in topics like Facebook Marketing, Conversion Tactics, Recommended Tools, and more…

These mini courses are full of tips, ideas and hacks and are meant to be short and sweet and to the THE point! They’re easy to use, easy to find the information you’re looking for, and the techniques you’ll find in these mini courses are worth their weight in GOLD! Create your own success NOW!

Mini-Courses Also Included …


Conversion Tactics 101

A collection of the best tactics that you and all entrepreneurs can copy to ensure your e-commerce store is converting super high.



Facebook Ads For Ecommerce Sellers

Learn how to get high CTR rates to drive traffic to your online stores using Facebook Ads. Specifically designed for e-commerce sellers to attract targeted traffic from one of their multiple streams, low cost per click, and high conversion rates.



Product Research Course

Learn how and where to research what is selling NOW! Find what products to sell to your clients, how to track trends, find designs to sell, and more…



SWIPE Files (New)

Sharing is caring! Simple copy and paste our BEST conversion digital assets to ensure your success. Filled with holiday swipe copy, email copy, screenshots, banners, and more. Copy what works and stop trying to re-invent the wheel.


More courses and topics coming soon.

When unreleased mini courses are published, all active members of Launch Academy will receive access to them at no extra charge (instantly).



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