Update: Launch Cart Just Got a Lot Faster

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In our mission to provide one the fastest e-commerce platforms on the net, we’ve made BIG changes to Launch Cart’s infrastructure and codebase. Here’s what’s been upgraded so far:

  • We hired a DBA (Database Administrator) to help us create a new database structure that will be optimized for Launch Cart’s growth and long-term vision of scalability for our high-traffic users.
  • We upgraded our infrastructure to the latest technologies and optimized every single aspect of it.
  • We added multi layers of caching.
  • Our developers re-coded and improved database queries optimized for speed.
  • We’re using a lot of background jobs to process and execute things that the user does not need to wait in the interface for.
  • Improved security.
  • Moved Launch Cart’s code base to new server infrastructure on GCP (Google’s Cloud Platform).
  • We have implemented the latest technologies out there in terms of software … and how we apply that software in code as best practices.
  • Using a lot of things to improve the overall page speed, by offloading some of the heavier jobs to the queue and cache.

As you can see, our team has been busy working in the background improving Launch Cart for you. Speed and optimization are key to ensuring your visitors get a fast loading site and it ultimately makes every Launch Cart E-commerce Store convert higher when your store loads faster.

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