Print on Demand is NOT JUST FOR T-SHIRTS

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You can do SO much more than print on a t-shirt

When you are looking for the coolest products, gifts and promo items, look no further. 

With our print-on-demand platform, you can find something for anyone in your target audience.

Keep reading to find out about all the custom products you can start offering!

What is Print on Demand?

For a long time, retailers have had to make connections with wholesalers in order to create products for their store. 

With traditional relationships like this, you have to commit to large shipments and you are locked into sizing.

Making large wholesale orders isn’t usually a workable solution for small businesses. 

Most wouldn’t have the storage space to hold the inventory, much less the funds to buy a whole order of pieces.

So, some small businesses turn to preorders for their custom items—collecting the customers’ orders (and money) before making the big purchase through the printer. 

That ensures only what is needed will be ordered. 

But, preorders are sluggish. 

It can take weeks for items to arrive to the seller, and then they STILL have to be packed and shipped out to the customers! 

And, if things get backed up, customers get frustrated or no longer have a need for the item.

Print-on-demand items are created as they are needed.

There is no minimum order needed.

Launch Cart provides the items, does the printing AND ships them to your customer. 

You don’t pay anything upfront to do this—there are no startup fees or monthly subscription costs. 

You only pay for the items you sell through your eCommerce store.

And, there is SO much more you can print on demand besides a t-shirt!

Custom Items to Add to Your Store

We have over 300 items that can be designed and added to your store. 

These can be the perfect office gifts, promotional items and event swag. 

You can market your items to grandparents and parents who want to buy something special for their little ones. 

You might use this design-on-demand process to let your fans show you just how much they support your work.

Whatever it is, there is a customized print-on-demand item perfect for you to add to your store.

Here are just a few of our top sellers:


Hats are the perfect way to show off your company logo. But, they can also be custom designed to show whatever artwork or wording you want. Are you looking for funny pet owner products? Create a hat. Want to make a gift for grandfathers who love golfing or fishing? A hat could be ideal for that as well.

Bathing Suits

Bathing suits are fun and they are definitely in season during the spring and early summer. You can bring these into your store for a seasonal lift that is sure to get your customers excited.

Water Bottles

Power Fitness - Launch Cart

Customized water bottles are extremely popular right now. People love to show off a little bit about themselves in the form of a reusable, Earth-friendly accessory. Add water bottles for the kids or athletes who are part of your target audience.

Backpacks, Totes and Bags

Aroma Charm Coffee House - Launch Cart

Have an idea for a unique bag? A flashy design could be exactly what your customers need to really stand out from the crowd. These can be a great product for students, moms, crafters and anyone else who tends to be well-known for their bag game.

Phone Cases

Little Yogi Studio - Launch Cart

A protective case is a must for keeping your pricey piece of tech in one, uncracked piece. However, it doesn’t need to be one of those boring black boxes. Create an awesome case with a design that really speaks to your audience. You could also make a case with your brand logo for work phones that are part of the job.


Who doesn’t love a good mug? Coffee mugs and travel mugs are items that tend to get used a lot and may even be displayed out on a rack or shelf in the home or office. You can add a creative design to a mug in order to inspire your audience. Create a mug all about your brand or industry in order to spread the word at your next convention or organizational event.

Leggings, Sweatpants and Joggers

Sporting branded bottoms is fun and great marketing. You could also design the pants to showcase patterns or characters that you put together in our design marketplace. These items are going to be perfect for WFH employee who is lounging around the house while working remotely. They are ideal for hardworking couples who just want to crash at home for the weekend. They are perfect for anyone in your audience who wants to be comfy.

All Over Shirts and Jackets

Design on demand is NOT just for t-shirts! But, one of the cool features with Launch Cart products is the ability to print ALL OVER your items! Some of our products allow you to print on any part of the outer surface, making it possible to create huge designs and patterns that cover the whole shirt or jacket.

These are going to be the hot new item in your store. This is the kind of product that will appeal to the younger generations who want to shop with a small business and still get really cool items.


Custom-engraved necklaces or bracelets are such sweet gifts for parents and grandparents to give the little girls in their lives. Design-on-demand jewelry could also include plant jokes for the plant mom in your audience or motivational sayings for the teacher in someone’s life.


We can print on paper too! From customized books to posters, we can help you sell your next illustrated children’s book or artwork in our quick and easy process. Remember, you don’t pay until you start selling!

Throw Pillows

A staple of modern décor, throw pillows can showcase sayings, words, design and more. Pillows can make a great housewarming or bridal shower gift. Throw pillows with branded logos could even be added to the right lobby waiting room, Airbnb property or Bed & Breakfast room.

Set Your Design in Action!

You don’t have to be an expert designer, coder, printer or shipper to own a store and sell your merch. 

We even offer a design marketplace to help you create something original to your brand.

We have over 10,000 images. 

You can create nature-inspired designs or include top characters—like Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel and Pinocchio. 

We offer you the license to LEGALLY sell the characters we’ve created.

Or, you can bring your own designs in to make the items work for your brand.

Are you ready to create? 

Getting started is EASY!

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