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So we tried selling word mask and we make $7,200 dollars, but only using Facebook ads, they guys might have staged. And this matter, instead and then this window will show you guys our product page and take you inside a business ad manager to show you, how much we spent and everything we did on the Facebook side, of things.

So watch the whole video if you wanna take your own store from zero to 7000 even further, so you can finally put your job and start in join your Beatles landed life so you can start probably traveling and see the beauty of this world with your one-on-To show you guys the proof roll refresh my screen. ’cause I know there’s orally a lot of people, a skeptic about this. And I’ll go from the peak days which is 70-17 and 10 days, we may 7000 as you guys can see right here, we still 7000 a day and it and say for mass and 95 per Masala exact products.

So let us not watering more time first we’ll go into how you decide who came up with the exact product.

To be honest, I was just hanging out with my find he was like, “Hey man, what’s going around the world, what there’s a thing going on and I was like, “What are some filter face mass? I was like, “But that’s not a bad idea. So within hours, pardon and drop got point now seeing who’s selling the part again.

Luckily, it was nobody selling it, so I was like, yeah, this time I go, we just hopped on about a day or so. We got the whole website ready use the Facebook were the A ready Rideout is put on the test it out, and we do pretty good. So like you said, the first thing he did was, of course, but he was… So I have to make example store to show you what his website looked like and we’ll explain. It may not show you the real website why we made an example store but this is what the website looks like. He was just two product pitches nothing crazy. And then he had a note with saying it. Lime supplies. “Please order for your family. It’s only… And this was the craziest line. Does this just… So people, the U-S, I just forced me to buy it, more. And people were actually buying 3 five like 5. somebody Bleu, has people are buying much.

No one was by one at least two or three you… So this is what it looked like. And they use some gifts from my pride Destruction video.

It’s always a good idea to use a gift right here, explain what the product does, and right here, just creating a fear in deeper Mike the thing is going crazy right now.

And of course explain more about the product pictures more description. It can definitely Iredell pause the video, but just more about the description. Do you wanna tell where you got all the description how you put it together?

Yes, some of them was made by me some in of course a different beside for example, Ely Express helped me on a lot, but most of them I just edit out common sense, we use a common sense and break it down, and I think it’s pretty good. They explain what that part in case that’s about it.

So basically, taking from other people to send for your common sense that you kind of make a product description that you are okay and you know… And after the product description, he showed me, and I was like… It looks pretty good. Everything is ready to go. Of course, should… There was a lot of reviews, but I just made example store. So we don’t have reviews, but this is what the description looked like and that definitely the next step was making ad videos. So you wanna Pelham U with the Adidas and everything.

It was kind of hard. Find the ad that I can use because all this stuff they can get you blocked off or a lot of things like… So, different faces or using music. So first, I first thing I kept in mind I don’t have to show any kind of face was going on on the work. I can’t say that word, but I could put that as well and I couldn’t show no face of course amazing. I had a kid that mind. So, I don’t give blocked from different platforms, of Express for example. And I was putting my…

I have, and just edited out in a couple of hours. And the bees already came up with two videos and I’ll show you… That’s the video. So you basically end of that by himself.

As you can see in the video I use to think pictures in a description, so it Massimo video and my description when you go into my page. So it looked like a lady was cation light. ’cause it doesn’t look real, as you can clearly tell. He’s not a great ending, but I got the job that I… Not the beautiful video but it got the job done.

And this is the second video, a pretty simple explain that product and everything, it does. And like I say, at this point what was going around the product doesn’t even need to be explaining it a… And this product actually help prevent you from the deceased ’cause it does have a carpet fitter so that’s why it does make a great product read than the surgical masks, which other people were selling after we got the admits. The next step was definitely… I think the biggest puzzle in the piece is fighting supplier. So I’ll let him explain how he got with the suppliers and everything.

Yeah, with supply was a big… Has… We have to first in our supplier to get to my customers as fast as possible so that wasn’t a bible expressed. So, I had at eBay, and luckily I found some one that can get it to my Preston about 7-2 EV 10 days and he got 550 orders and start, but the next day he ran out.

So I have to go on expenses, after a feud supplier. Again same problem, they happen, the “bawn or the part as well, so we then we had to go with the Chinese to get the delivery, but that didn’t do good.

So basically, he had here to go through three different supply first from eBay, it wa supplier, and then from Alex with another US plantin’ finally got the Chinese supplier, and all Express and that’s the supply used for most of the time. ’cause I did had about 2000 stock.

Yeah, so he had a bye to 00 to start quantity, so it was pretty good enough, software. We had all that figured out. The next step was definitely running ads, so as candid car in the ads manager.

So he lost the ads on March 7, and this is a thing he basically told anybody. And to be honest, if I’m a 00% at this point that He was right every single person needed. It’s not a single person that didn’t need the mask at this point. So you went with this right here? I was show them on the screen. BBC News he… Digital season Public Health, the hospital airline China Daily News abolition all that stuff that you can pick up this common sense. And he was pretty confident the products around the load he noted in… Outta and which did pretty okay for the first day.

First the… I spend about 79 and he made about 2-41, which is about… See, so that was super solid and after, like I said, we all this… Do three days so three days here on the Turner absolutely killed it in to… People were buying crazy three people, people were buying Milne stand someone but 10 to raise a… Exactly, and another thing it is, he is in “Ditton is home, which works really good for him. He actually pinpointed location, the location that we’re getting a lot of sales, he just pinpoint of those locations. Washington Florida, Los Angeles is FDC heroes build is like a local area around here and tighten New York all the stuff. And they didn’t really good at the longer and after they did really good this.

You can look at the graph and look pretty solid. And then was just the middle space, which is from March. I ever do March 10 to a 13. and he had a lot on little like audience yet so as he gets for the new face as he led the way more co-tying ads, ’cause it was in the plan, but just launched County. Get good about 80-90 sales and I did a really good people who are buying… He was profitable. I think only to this you were unprofitable, is because the supplier had a far… Otherwise, it would have been a problem in… Yeah, so there was only two days he was unprofitable every single other day he was profitable as a C, and I did pretty good. So on the last two days, I told it is time to I think large look like audience and as E-S-I-L-show you on the semi-Bay.

It is absolutely kill her. He spent 5 and he made by with 3 x woman three extra image 7 and the look-like audience looked of Wayland… GTE 12 epochs, 21 or press. We forgot tallis, we were selling the product for 25 and how much you were getting for after shipping. If you buy one and be 70 per cent people but take… So we just… Two adorati.

So for example, about 10 in both an… We talked about 256, I see so he was getting the part of… Or tools to some in 2-56 cents and the shipping would cost… Five, but if someone bought two or more, it would be, it wouldn’t cost him anything for shipping, so that was the biggest thing. And people will buy multiple items so that is absolutely girls. That’s how you were able to scale and for the look like audience all ideas when they do. I look like audience and lunch every single possible for V-95 miles, 95% from 0-11 to 2-24 and all the to-10% and say With purchase launch purchase look like… And after this point, the party was to launch every single look like audience possible, but then something happens which will explain why we weren’t able to sold this product after that.

They want. Explain what happened after that I had after the 700 day, we got an email on Shopify basically saying that we cannot sell this product and we have to price it fairly, what is that? It’s called a basically what that is, “septimus policy explaining that whenever there’s a crisis or something going on, you really can. It’s literally illegal how that guys stacked up on 70000 sanitizer when the pandemic happened against the policies. You can’t legally do that ’cause it goes against Morales. formality or something like that.

So that’s the first time I heard that, that shot I fit.

He never had an issue with Facebook.

Anil payment process here in-house. He had a… So if I didn’t want him to sell masks on their platforms for you.

So what’s the plan from now?

We got a good numbers, we got some Talbott to go up on a different platform, like big commerce, or… Well, we have a… What’s it called, Click on sealing to ClickFunnels? “Woomera comes, and all this platforms are really good. And who Frontenac we spend and that’s absolutely crazy. So I usually don’t see this numbers, but he spent 230 on ads and make 7000, so his profit was around 4000 from the store, which is I think is really good for 10 days. And for you… Beginning that, definitely, I feel like how this confidence I would probably take this way were seriously that I was taking before. And for this, that’s it for this video, guys, I’ll see that in the video and if you guys have any questions, let me know. At that common section, and I’ll let all leave it in signify wanna ask him any questions you guys can definitely we’ll live it on the upstream so you can go. This is you get a, ask him any questions if you have about dropship agreeing personal… And that’s if it is really all you guys to make sure to remember Hit the Subscribe it it right now, right? Yeah, I let it.

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