How to build a $5K/day | shopify dropshipping tutorial 2020

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This video I’m gonna show you how you can make 5000 per day, in your Shopify drop shipping store with just one product without this whole one product drop shipping blueprint that every YouTuber out Doris copying and telling you to do the exact same thing, the exact same templates, exact same products and it just doesn’t work in the real world.

Let’s go here, what is up. It’s right in Trier. In this video, I’m gonna show you how my own students are making one, 3000 to 5000 per day, every single day by just selling one single product without doing the whole one product drop shipping blueprint that everybody else out there is copying doing all over again, and doesn’t really get results.

Before we start, quick note, if you’re interested in personal mentorship and working directly with me and my team to take your shop to an Excel make sure to click that first one that in description and book at 3-11, and if you’re interested in a giveaway of a 0 to 10 per day, guide for your Shopify store they should have comment down below, automate subscribe it out, Cashman, that like… But and I’ll pick a winner from this video. Alright, so what are most people out there trying to teach you with one product drop shipping and every single tutorial is the exact same thing just big a product that has a wild factor that could be branded properly. Then you go to shopify dot com or in this case, Shopify, dot-coms. Go at 19, so you can get 90 days off of your free trial, you get a 90-day-free trial is you build up your store, you pick out the debut team or any other simple theme that there is to it, and you build out that certain template that just has a banner some product pictures and it’s all about one product that you randomly chose. Just because I look school, or you then a little bit of research on it.

The Notorious products that everybody else out there is pushing our likely one of these little bend-able sunglasses that are really old there’re just some sunglasses that you can bend and it magically start getting your sales a magic. We start functioning on face as just because some guru, said that it would… Or the other one which is the funniest one is the portable blender this one which is just a copy of Blue, which is a massive brand selling a lot of these lenders. And just because you copy blended or you create a nice little one product dropship ping or template it means that it’s going to work. Most of the students that I’ve seen trying these little blueprints or these different products often just fail, not even make one single sales.

Think about product drop shipping. If you are a beginner, at least a little bit intermediate maybe you have 50 to 10 even up to 50, 100 sales. Think about it as gambling or as doing the lottery. So you can definitely pick a product that works, you can copy somebody else’s blueprint, you can make a one product store and it starts to work, but in order to really make it work, you need to stick to it to the long it’s kind of like buying a stock or, for example, buying a property that you’re gonna sell in a long term it isn’t just getting the product right, getting the right template for your store. And I magically getting results with face got it is a more of a long-term period of time. One of our students Ryan right here had his first 3000 day. I interviewed them and in the interview, he said, that it took him about five months to get a product from just getting a few couple of sales all the… We up 3000 per day in a 20 month and 10 month which is a goal for the next month. So if you stick with a product, over the long term instead of just trying to gamble it and trying to create some face ads and seeing if it works, that’s gonna make it work for you in the long term, a lot better than just a little short-term effort and when you’re creating your store instead of focusing on that one single product you’re kind of the… To the sales, and the profitability think about it as targeting an audience instead of just a product, you’re targeting an audience of people with a category a product, so that’s how you find a good baby product, for a good kids. Product. Kids toy or something like that. You can go and build out the Brolin the blueprint is just like everybody else telling you to do with that baby product and put some nice images and pick this random ads and just throw it out there, or you can do it the professional way and the right way to do it. Which I advise my students is to actually create an audience store or niche store. Just like this one in on, sober. They specifically cater to exactly nine months. Like women that are pregnant women that are, for example, mothers families kid products, baby products, and a lot of the products in here or just based on that collection on that audience. You can see maybe boys tell their boys boys matching outfits, so they’re targeting parents and really parents or parents that have just had a baby. And that’s the type of store that I really get. The results that you need. If you look at sales source, and you click on the little icon right here, you click analyze, store here on the right-hand side, if you want sales source, and you wanna analyze any store, you can check the link, down. In the description, it is right there. Let’s let that load. So we see exactly how much money they’re making, and on sales source, you can see that they’re estimating or their sales estimate in about two years, they’re already making almost a billion dollars every single month, with just a couple of products. It’s not a one-product option store. They throw out there. You play that lottery. No, they’re building the right strategy of targeting an audience of people selling multiple kinds of products. They go up some winners for example, one of the best best selling products, it’s a little writing tool, for kids that they need to learn how to write, they can write better with this little tool and it makes them a lot of money, upwards of multiple six figures, but it’s just not that product that they’re gambling with whole thing that it works.

And then switching on to a new product. So if you’re just thinking about testing a one-product store with one product and then hoping that it works, if it doesn’t, you’re gonna have to change it, and testim whole another product that will not work unless you stick with it over three to six months or even more for that one specific product, the you create a niche-specific or an audience-specific store, which I highly recommend you do, if you’re thinking of just selling one product, create a niche around the creating audience around the CREATE store for that make it very professional and then start testing some products, the one that gives you the most potential… Then you can start scaling that as a one-product itself. Another product got… I see a lot of people selling or phone cases or just traditional phone cases or that have a little bit of an extra spin, Tom or creative phone cases. One thing that you also have to keep in mind as we’re going through a pretty tough times right now with the whole pandemic, the economy being down to the product that you’re choosing and are going to sell, have to be higher value or at least higher priority than other products that you would sell. Normally one thing that I love to do, that’s what you wanna sell. Cell phone accessories, or accessories for your phone, just like phone cases, you can go to Amazon dot com and go to Movers and Shakers, and you’ll see the top products that are selling in that particular category.

For example, a lot of people are buying portable chargers they’re buying cell phone holder lights for live streaming, which is a pretty interesting one, account.

Really understand why that’s ticking up. I’m assuming a lot of people are taking videos at home or maybe there’s photographer at home that need this. They’re taking at home. So, that’s a pretty cool product.

The cell right now there’s also screen protectors and a lot of different protectors here. Mostly, she and protectors.

It’s like this one. There’s just also this iPhone “hoole who went up from 50-75 to 3-49. so it’s also a product, you might consider but just selling something like a phone case or something, like a little iPhone access rate might not work in this environment, just because people are not interested in buying phone cases, they’re not even going out to also take that into consideration that the product has to be relevant to the current time that people are going through. Another important thing when it comes to your ads if you’re doing just one product or advertising one product is to not just steal or copy somebody else’ that it’s doing really well selling that product or selling a similar product. So a lot of people will do is they’ll start selling some portable blenders, and then they’ll go to blended and see what kind of ads, they’re running. So let’s say they’re running this particular holing up in the morning, used to suck. I like to a portable Center actually over to waking up with visions you, it says A Time and it’s perfect for saying “tongata just 40 seconds. I can be as gonna be and you get the point. So what most people will do is they’ll take a they’re ad for a portable Vendor One product store, and then they’ll come easier sale, get 10% off your portable then they’re using code Easter sales and but it at… And you copy the Atco you make the same type of video. Lough. This video is pretty well made. So if you can get a testimonial just like this one that would actually be really good but don’t just copy of somebody that is doing really well for the particular product. These people have been doing it for years at this point. So if you look at when this page was created, March 2018, the marks or in two years ago when they started selling this product, like I said in the beginning, if you stick to a product for the long term and you actually see a lot of demand and potential not just because it’s cool or Wow-factor product, it can really work in the long term if you stick to it. Like I said, Ryan had to stick for five months for that particular product in order to hit 3000 per day. And the last thing, your traffic source, just because you have a one-product dropship ping blueprint a one-product store and YouTube or a guru tells you that you need to do Facebook ads or Instagram influencers, doesn’t mean that you need to just stick to those and focus on those and if those don’t work, they need to move on to a new product. Some of my students for example they start out on facades. It doesn’t really get results, they don’t really see any progress there and then they move on to something else, that’s a Google Pinterest, Snapchat. Or even other advertising platforms, they’re not regular or taught on YouTube. You can go and take over those platforms. I on student. And who was struggling to get some sales on Facebook and went and made 5000 in a single week by doing Google ads for the exact same product. So if an advertising platform doesn’t give your results, it doesn’t mean that you need to quit on that product and it just, it doesn’t work instead, you move on to a new advertising platform to test it properly and see if it’s actually a product problem, if somebody else is making that product work and likely means that they’re still a demand and there’s still some space for you to go and start selling it I’ve been seeing a lot of one product, dropship ping store tutorials out there popping up again and again and again, and they’re all pretty much the exact same thing. I just wanna give you the right blueprint to use right now in the right framework, so you can go and get actual results, instead of just wasting your money on some ads just because some of you to mere sent, they should. If you want my direct help to take your business to an Excel you want my team to really help you take your business to where you wanna be and get the results that you want. Just like my students who are doing 50 days, 10 days, and on 100K months they should have like that first link in the description and book a one-on-one discovery call wither meat or somebody. My team to call is completely for free but please make sure that you are serious about your business, and getting results, nothing you know, how to properly get sales of one product on your Shopify drop shipping store, if you wanna know what are the top three products or self right now, middle of April, May 2020.And in the next couple of months, make sure to check the video right there There’s gonna pop a video top three winning products to sell right now if you wanna check it out, these are the best products that I recommend, yourself during this pandemic and moving forward over the next couple of months, a short click that video, if they wanna join our giveaway come and automate Don below subscribe, hit the notification All and I like but… And I will see you in the next video.

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