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What’s… Any guy a taster? And I’m being… And a lot of questions about what I should be selling, right now, what should I drop? Check everybody is long in lockdown and I need to figure out what I need to be selling that people want to buy it. So if you say for the next five or 10 minutes would be I’m gonna show you a couple of products that literally at the end of this video, you can start selling and making money, at before we get started, I’m gonna keep you guys updated on my staff for my last for… That I posted I just had 200000 on this new store that I started doing this whole lock down and right now I have no rush on scaling it too fast, but right now I wanna refresh this right or about 265 and probably we’re gonna hit about 300… 000 in two, three days, and hopefully a half a million by the end of the month, so that’s it on my laptop. I wanna show you what products are hot right now, to protest and you should be selling them right out after this video. Let’s get into it, my first product that is in super high demand as gases that could be puzzles for adults, puddles for kids. And when a quick Google Trends search ring here, we’re gonna get on Google Trends if you really wanna know that if the product is hot or not on Google Trends and search the keyword.

So basically this shows you, if people been Googling this word in the last 12 months, three months, two months, whatever days that you wanna put in there, you can Google it.

So right here we’re gonna do puzzles, and if you pay a patient, it’s been spend so more pretty much till the lock-down I went up is training down but it still is pretty hot, so people still are searching it like crazy Downes. There’s a demand for it. Let’s get on all express and find some puzzles. Okay, right on, a late spread. We’re gonna type in Casals. And I know the rule might be a little bit different now because I always say fine product that happened to orders, but now there’s such high demand for certain products that he still parallel sell them doing this time, and the lock-out might be for another couple of months so people still are buying these products and they’re border their mom and they wanna buy these things.

Alright, so let’s check out what comes up first for me. Google puddles these products come up, so let’s kinda go from what it looks and trading and we’re gonna go from there. So one of the things that I’ve been picking up and within puzzles been doing pretty good. I’ve seen it on face… At and I’ve seen people selling them, that scrolled down. Let’s see how this works.

So this is a good product to actually start advertising if this is actually how it works out, how it looks, this is a good product to start advertising. I personally would go with puzzles and different kinds of puzzles, I can find. I think this is a sending what is it called? I don’t know what it’s called, but this is what it is.

So what I’m actually gonna do what product that I find intriguing I’m gonna make a list, so you wanna have a potential buy pot of whatever you wanna call it. I actually have another within puzzle here so I’m gonna do another one here and I’m gonna call it wooden puzzle part to then actually is just for kids.

Have the adult version are also go, but I’m gonna put it right there. If you scroll down, you see all types of puzzles. I’ve actually seen this one. This is a good product. See this one, this is kind of a game for kids. There’s a lot of good product, especially if you’re parents you’re locked down with your kid and you’re like… I just want a five minutes by my soft that my kids are not annoying me right now.

Not that I’m calling your kids and knowing but… You know what I’m talking about.

So a lot of people are Googling kids puzzles for kids. So even if you go on Google Trend… Let’s see, puzzles for our kids.

Take this up is trending down, but still it’s pretty high up there. People still searching and Googling it and all that second product that I think you should be selling or drinking games.

It’s not the best habit, to have, but a lot of people been drinking more and more. So obviously we’re in isolation, but a lot of families are playing drinking games, including my family when I’m talking to them, they’re like, We’re through a re-plan this drinking games. So that’s to quit Google Trends search to see if it’s increasing. Are increasing drinking games.

Alright, so right here, again, you see is increasing dramatically negating study here, but still it’s pretty high up there. Again, let’s go up here and search up drinking games, drinking games. This is one popular one. I’m seeing a lot of them. I’ve seen this so misses one. I wanna make it less… Again, I’m gonna put them all in a less if they’re good enough, let’s say drinking put them on unless you wanna have everything organized in one less, and if you stay to leave at this video, I’m gonna give you this list. Okay, just stay till the end of this video, I’m gonna give you this list and I’m gonna scroll down or not. And the coding that you can do on all preseason down and give you suggested products, I guess.

So, see this one hammer Shane this is kinda seems cool.

Okay, we’re gonna put this also on the list.

I know I’m talking about all the games, all the activities, but that’s all the being doing. Honestly, everybody’s looking through something. It’s at… You gotta be staying home. So everybody’s doing things at a next thing that we’re gonna be talking about is for.

I, I personally bought puzzles, I bought drinking stuff and I bought some board games. So the reason also that I am doing this is because I’ve seen what me and my friends are doing and looking. And if you have friend be like, “Hey how are you getting busy, how are you getting this at home?

You realize a lot of people are playing a lot of games, trying to keep himself busy at home.

Again, we’re gonna go on Google Trends, and we’re gonna go to a board, a as a string up. It’s raining down a little bit in up-but still pretty hot. What would you, I would go to, I’ll express again and typing and board games.

There’s a lot of cool options that I’ve seen a lot of Facebook ads selling board games, which is so smart. I’ve seen this one being sold, I don’t know if it’s overstated now or not, but you can be to try but I’ve seen this so many times I’m gonna put that on the list. I’m not being the deep research that I do usual to see in desert it or not, I’m just kind of going off of what needs, what products are good for this nice, this is another product I’ve seen the is for children, for games, for Chiltern.

That’s cool.

Also gonna add this to the list and I’m gonna give them a name board games as a lot of you guys know, most gyms are shut down, hence no word to work out pretty much going to the gym or anything like that.

And another great niche that I can get into a work out equipment if you don’t know right now and if it’s not essential products or something they’re not shipping out for the next two weeks, which is just crazy.

I was looking for workout equipment, I look at and I looked at eBay, and I couldn’t find anything that could get delivered for less than two weeks. I’ll live in a DOI. Don’t know if it’s more high-demand in here or not, but another good, nice that I could get into a work out equipment work equipments are super hot right now and nobody’s going to the gym, so people need equipment to be able to work out at their posts.

Now if you go on to L, trends and you Google that a home workouts you see the crazy increase, right here. Again, people gotten pretty over here.

They need to work out and need equipment to work on at home.

And I let’s go in some product and all express. There’s some “coloni not intention, if it’s packet or no, I just kinda… This is actually the one that I’d purchased, and there’s some good work out equipment that you could do. This is really interesting, but I don’t know how you can advertise it on face to a… You don’t get fly.

This is a really interesting product.

Scoring them, again, urgency and pacing and put it on that list, but these are some good products to start with. This is a little band for… We could do Waite training and training and this is interesting. And oh, yeah, you can probably do an biceps here makes sense, okay, that’s actually not a good product.

I like this one. Okay, we’re gonna go in and copy this to the IT.

That when, not at least quintiles that would be a little protocol just because a lot of Amazon is, I think any as lectures directly to cells or eBay. I don’t know what the rules are. Its face to Gaby. The thing is, there’s so “OneWorld even if you don’t have to get deliver in two weeks, fell got… So with the cleaning tools they’re mostly sold that in the stories is to pursue any… So I’m sure there’s a high demand for planning tools.

Let’s do it quite Google Trends. Serve I, so right here as still turning up.

And I think it’s a really good Nacho getting to… So, that’s gonna express wrote planning tools. Like I said, in a normal day, I would never come in you to go sell planning tools, but because it’s such a high demand right now you could sell simple things like this or my favorite favorite equipment ever actually ordered this and I have it.

This is a perfect introduction. If you could like, with this in the beginning of your video, like Jordy. Floor I think we hit on the gun.

People are assessed with planning and they have a lot of time right now, so tools are great. I’m gonna put that also on this list began enjoy this video. If you guys on the list of the product that I just put together make sure you subscribe like this video, and go on my Instagram, make sure you give me a fall of then go and be in the YouTube and I’ll send you the list of the products that I just put together and I’ll see you guys on the next video, but back light, flux right here.

And I got a sale at so I… So, it I.

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