Email marketing is the most powerful tool to remain in constant contact with your visitors, build brand loyalty, and convert them into lifelong fans. This and its substantial ROI make it the most effective form of direct to consumer communication.


For each dollar spent on email marketing, you get $41 back

Email marketing is arguably the best marketing channel you can invest in considering its ROI, second only sometimes to pay-per-click advertising. Studies show us that nearly 50% of people say they receive too many marketing emails, but 44% say it’s their preferred method of communication with the brands they opt to hear from. This can only mean one thing. Strategy is key. Email marketing can benefit the consumer as much as the business owner as long as there is a fine-tuned strategy in place.

Launch Cart determines what best content will attract, engage, and delight your audience into buying. 


Flows that take care of your most valuable asset

Launch Cart will set up the essential flows needed to keep your customer moving effortlessly through your funnel… again and again and again. Your customer will feel nurtured through all of the processes of working with you, while your workload is less.


Personalizing Your Campaigns

The more personal your campaigns feel, the better your open and click-through rates will be. It’s easy to add more warmth and a human feel to your campaigns with Launch Cart’s expert segmentation techniques. Launch Cart will determine how to split your ‘Master List’ into smaller segments that better represent the customer on a more intimate level and what kind of content they’d like to see from you


Generating The Most Revenue Possible

Like segmentation, split testing is another essential tool to the success of your email marketing strategy. Launch Cart has tested thousands of email subjects, preview text, headings, pricing, colors, buttons, and language. Just like your eCommerce site benefits from split testing its design and functionality, your emails can also be split tested to increase your conversions, average order values, and lifetime customer values.


CASE STUDY – How 1 CAMpaign Generated $35,504 with 2 Segments and Split Testing

We’re constantly driving revenue up through smart email strategies. Here’s how we helped one client generate tens of thousands in revenue through a single campaign.

First, segmentation.

We split our client’s master list into two segments: Subscribers (who’ve never made a purchase before) and Customers (who have purchased before). Obviously, the two have completely different buying behaviors, so why not appeal to them differently?

We selected a promotion.

For this test, we created Customer Appreciation Week and Subscriber Appreciation Week. We presented both segments with the opportunity to get 40% OFF their entire purchase with a discount code.

Then, we split tested.

We didn’t make any assumptions about either segment. We simply performed the same split test on both. We sent emails that displayed product with the Regular price and the Reduced price in red to a portion of our Subscribers and Customer lists. And then we sent another portion of both lists emails that showed product but no pricing at all.

The Results Were Astounding !

Both segments responded well to seeing the prices slashed right before their eyes, but the subscriber list responded particularly well. For the first time in the history of this brand’s email marketing, the subscriber list spent nearly as much as the customer list. The campaign made $35,504 in total, $19,455 generated from customers and $16,049 from subscribers.

Under this brand’s usual circumstances, subscribers spend about half the amount that customers do per campaign. This split test generated 25% more revenue and increased subscriber-to-customer conversions by 100% during this campaign and should follow that trend in the future when the results are further integrated into their strategy!


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