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Your Website is Not Performing Optimally

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You’re not alone- many, if not all, eCommerce stores struggle several months out of the year to even cover their expenses. 

The truth about this struggle is that you’re likely better at advertising than you need to be and your problem is not the amount of traffic you attract but the conversion rate of the store’s traffic. 

There are over 100 “leaks” a store’s site can have, killing your conversion and throwing your advertising effort and money away!

Where Are Your Leaks?

We’ll burn the candle at both ends to get you a list of your leaks in 5-7 days and an action plan to recover your lost revenue. An in-house Revenue Optimization Expert will be analyzing your site while another Data Team Member performs a “Health Check” of your Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager to reveal even more about your visitors specifically and their behaviors on your site.

How many of these leaks do you already know you have contributing to a loss in revenue?

  • Mobile issues
  • Slow page load time
  • Glitchy themes
  • Wasted above-the-fold-space
  • Incorrect use of pop-ups
  • Poorly constructed value propositions
  • Lack of clarity
  • Lack of trust
  • Difficult-to-use navigation
  • Hidden or missing search bar

Our implemented site audits and action plans have resulted in over $100 million in new sales for our clients in the past 12 months- without driving additional traffic to the site.

Site Optimization Makes Everything Else Easier, Too!

Take a look at these two realities- in one, you increase your website traffic through paid advertising WITHOUT fixing your leaks. The other, you hire our experts to help you repair your site’s pitfalls and recover your lost revenue. 


Using a process called heuristic analysis, our revenue optimization experts will show you EXACTLY what leaks to fix on your site! 

Our deep-dive site audit reports come complete with details of every issue on your site, screenshots, and suggestions on how solve the issues on your site.  After reading through our report, you’ll know:

  • What Your Issues Are 
  •  Where Your Issue Are 
  •  Why Certain Areas of Your Site Are Issues
  •  What Needs To Be Changed 
  •  The Needed Optimizations And Fixes

Your Store Audit & Action Plan Also Includes:

A Complete GA & GTM Audit

Your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager setup is vital to understanding and continually improving your store. 

Our data team with go through your accounts and tell you exactly what’s wrong, what’s right, and what’s missing.

The result is a step by step guide on what to do next to get the most out of your site analytics.

Low-Hanging Fruit Optimization List

Instant ROI On Your Investment!

You’ll get a consolidated list of the key low hanging fruit changes you can make to increase your sales and conversions immediately.

Our team will go back through your audit and analyze every noted issue to isolate the ones you should focus on first to generate the biggest wins with your store.

We do this by comparing your store’s noted issues with our over $400 million worth of eCommerce sales and optimization data we’ve collected.

Lightning Fast Turn Around

All Store Audits are completed on a first-come first-served basis and are typically completed and returned to you within 5 to 7 business days (if your store is really broken it may take longer).

This assumes that you get us the information we need promptly following your payment.

But, sometimes monkey wrenches do happen and if a delay is going to occur in the completion of your audit, we will notify you immediately.

What People Are Saying About Our Site Audit Service:

I have to say, our report was probably the most profound, powerful report I have ever read. Why? Because it was full of actionable content and it was specific to our site… 

In many ways, reading through the report was like looking at my site for the first time with fresh eyes. It’s amazing the things you miss. I was really impressed with the depth of guidance that was provided. It’s a brilliant investment of your money and time. If you want to go to the next level, I don’t think there’s anything better you could do.

David Thomson

Store Owner, Showplates Direct

I was so blow away at the level of detail and time and care they took into examining every single angle of my site.  I received a really detailed, yet extremely easy to read, follow, and implement 23 page report back from them. I know my store is going to benefit greatly from all of the expert recommendations.

Lauren Sanders

Store Owner, The I AM Journal

Guys we had their team do exactly this in one of our store your mind will get BLOWN!! The things they show you and how quickly you can use it to scale is insane! Not even trying to help their sales but being brutally honest. Jump on this while it’s available!

Sam Savz

Store Owner


Our full-time revenue optimization experts spend over 1,000 hours a week testing and analyzing sites. Their work with our partners  has resulted in over $100 million in new sales in the past 12 months.  Below are just a few examples of companies who trust our experts to continually optimize their sites:

Get your store audit & Action plan  now! 

Here’s Everything You Are Getting With A Site Audit & Action Plan:

​✓ Complete eCommerce Store Audit & Action Plan

 ✓ Mobile Store Analysis

 ✓ Desktop Store Analysis

 ✓ Store Performance Analysis 

 ✓ Google Analytics Health Check

 ✓ BONUS:  Low Hanging Fruit ROI List

 ✓ Delivered In Structured PDF Format Via Email

Limited Time Price: $1,997

Still Have Questions? Here Are Our Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

How Is My Store Audit & Action Plan Delivered To Me?

Your completed Store Audit & Action Plan will be delivered to you via email and it will be formatted as a professional PDF complete with navigation and clickable links.

Who Is Going To Audit My Store?

Your store will be audited by one of our full time, in-house Revenue Optimization Experts.

And your Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager Health Check will be performed by our in-house Data team.

These are the same people who do this day in and day out for our Partner Brands. Their work has resulted in over $100 million in new sales for our clients in the past 12 months.

And when you order your Store Audit & Action Plan, you will be getting their expertise focused exclusively on your store.

What If My Store Is New/Not Making Any Sales?

If your store is new, this is the perfect time to have your store audited, so that you can fix all the issues BEFORE you waste a bunch of money on paid traffic.

If you have an existing store that is not making any sales…well, then you clearly know you have a problem, and chances are, the biggest problems lie in your store.  Therefore a Store Audit & Action Plan would be exactly what you need, in order to figure out what’s wrong.
What If My Store/Site Is Not Ready Yet?

This is not a problem at all.  If you are working on a new store or making changes to your existing store, you can still buy the Store Audit package now at the special offer price.

Just contact us and let us know that you would like to buy a Store Audit & Action Plan, but that you are not ready to use it yet.

We will keep your order on file and whenever you are ready, just let us know and we will get your store on the schedule.

Many of our customers take this option, as they know they need it, but also need to wait till their store is ready.
What If I Have More Than 1 Store?

You are welcome to purchase as many Store Audits & Action Plans as you wish.

If you have multiple stores, simply make a purchase for each store.
But due to the limited quantity of Audits available, we cannot offer any discounts on multiple purchases.
What Is The Turn Around Time?

From the time we start working on your store the entire process usually takes between 5 to 7 days for most stores. If there is extra complexity on your store, it might take as long as 10 to 12 days.

Please note, that this is a first come first served special offer. We will be doing the work in the order the Site Audits are received, so if you are the last one to buy the Audit, then you will have to wait your turn. 

How Often Should I Audit My Store?

Optimizing your store is not a one-time thing. Our staff continues to optimize and improve our partner stores on a daily basis, year-round.

The reason is that technology, audiences, best practices and more are always changing, which is why your store needs your constant attention to keep it at peak performance.

We perform this top to bottom, deep-dive Store Audit & Action Plan on our partner stores, once per quarter, so 4 times per year.  For most smaller stores or if you are on a budget, we recommend 1 deep-dive store audit every six months.

What eCommerce Platforms Do You Support?

Technically we can do the Store Audit & Action Plan on any eCommerce platform, but the platforms we have the most experience and are comfortable with are:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Magento
  • Big Commerce
  • Opencart
  • Ultracart
  • Yahoo Stores
  • ClickFunnels
If you do not see your platform listed above, feel free to reach out to us, let us know what you are using and we’ll check with our team to see if its a good fit.