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97% of all eCommerce stores are losing money every day.

eCommerce business owners typically spend their energy everywhere but where it’s guaranteed to maximize what they already have. While they think they’ve hit their glass ceiling, 97% of eCommerce businesses leave money on the table for their fast-growing competitors to swoop up behind them.

The good news is that you have all the resources you need to scale to greater heights and just need help taking advantage of the opportunity right in front of you.


Find where you’re losing money – Stop the leak and watch your sales soar!

Split testing is the competitive edge that will have all your KPIs growing higher than you thought possible. If you have an established eCommerce business that is averaging more than $10,000/mo, has steady traffic, and you want to grow your income even more, the most concentrated growth effort you can make is to test your audience’s preferences and buying behaviors to optimize what you already have though a process known as “split testing” and thats where Launch Cart comes in…

Our 3 Step Process

To Optimizing Your Revenue

1) Analyze

We maximize your revenue and make your eCommerce site perform better by first analyzing your stores website, layout, and common problem areas. We often find leaks within your funnel that are inhibiting the user’s experience and ultimately, blocking your earning potential- and remove them. We compare your site to countless successful businesses we’ve helped in our database and from there, determine your performance goals and strategy.

2) Deploy Tests

Not only are we able to apply changes we already know convert better right away, we split test possible optimizations that are guaranteed to take your conversions, average order values, and user experience to the next level with each completed test.

3) Confirm Winners

Split testing is one game you will win every time. When we receive enough data from our tests, we will be able to confirm the winners and push these changes live to your entire site. Every change we implement will increase your store’s conversion rate, average order value, customer lifetime value, and more. Over time, these changes add up a lot! In many cases, we’ve seen a 5-30% increase in overall conversion from businesses who choose to work with us.

A/B testing (also known as split testing or bucket testing) is a method of comparing two versions of a webpage or app against each other to determine which one performs better and leads to increase in revenue.

CASE STUDY: $200,000/yr In FREE money!

Every day we test elements within our client’s eCommerce stores and find winners. And some of them win BIG! Here is our most recent win that will bring our client more than $200,000 in annual sales this year.

How you ask?

We tested a 3rd-party app that was installed in his store. The results concluded that instead of working for him, the app worked against him, lowering sales by 21%. Performing the test and removing the “leak” allowed this eCommerce funnel to perform optimally and will earn an extra $200K+ this year in gross volume for this client.

We call this “FREE MONEY” because we didn’t need to increase the store’s traffic to get it. We only set up the right split test and put the results right to work!

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