Do Your Influencer Clients Keep Telling Their Fans ...

My merch store’s coming soon, I promise?”


Let us build their branded store for you!


  • Give followers what they’re asking for

  • Turn fans into super-fans (and brand ambassadors)

  • Add easy monthly revenue with no development or tech headaches

Launch Cart is Built by Influencers, for Influencers

Our founders have generated over $6 BILLION in sales for celebrity brands such as J. Lo, Santana, Sofia Vergara, Bethany Frankel and countless others. 

So we know exactly how to create and amplify brand equity, which leads to true wealth. 

Now, we’re helping influencers like you create exactly that – brand equity – with done-for-you swag stores that operate 24/7 on autopilot. 

Why swag stores? Fans Want to show off your branded Swag!

Branding works best when it’s everywhere. That’s not hard to see. 

And promotional merchandise is a $125 BILLION industry.

So what better way to build the powerful, everywhere-you-look brand you deserve… than by giving fans the opportunity to own your branded merchandise? 

After all, today’s consumers crave more than a digital connection to the influencers they support. 

They need a tangible connection. 

Just look how popular “unboxing” videos have become – fans are so excited when their influencer’s swag arrives, they’ll invite their entire social networks to a live unboxing “event.” 

That means fresh new audiences of potential fans and buyers! 

Swag giveaways = airtight loyalty (and explosive growth)

Grow even more brand equity through merch giveaways and promoswithout buying and storing hundreds of items.

Launch Cart gives you the ability to order your own branded items – one at a time – while avoiding steep per-unit costs like others charge! 

See Launch Cart In Action:

Emanuel Kelly

Cancer Schmancer

Paul Oakenfold

Add Nathan Osmonds store here as soon as it's done - replaces PayneStewartKids

Don't Let the Social Media Platforms Take Your Fans & Traffic!

Your brand… your domain… your store, your asset!

What Makes LaunchCart Better?

No Monthly Fees

Launch Cart gives you the professional, brand-aligned swag store you need to grow serious brand equity… ...but with none of the high monthly fees the other guys charge!

Exceptional Customer Support

Because your swag store is an extension of your brand, you want your fans to receive only top-notch service. That’s exactly what we provide - responsive, knowledgeable liaisons who leave each customer feeling important, understood, and satisfied - the 5-star experience!

Management-Free Stores

You don’t want to spend your nights and weekends dealing with your swag store. We do all the setup for you, managing all the details so you can focus on captivating your audience!

Here's why LaunchCart is the RIGHT Choice for Influencers:

We work with A-List celebrities, 

so we GET “brand’ building & brand protection

It’s not good enough to throw up a merchandise store to make a few extra bucks. Your fans expect a premium experience. 

And if you deliver on those expectations, you can not only build brand equity but protect your brand from comments likes this:


That’s why we’re putting our expertise to work for you to create your own done-for-you swag store that seamlessly amplifies your brand. 

That’s something you just won’t get with those “insta-store” builders. 

And best of all after the site is all built for you, it’s simple easy to add, remove, change, and update your products.  If you can point and click, you’ve got this.


[Get Up-to-Date Fulfillment Costs]. ????


Professional Done-for-You SWAG stores 

from start to finish

There are no coding, integration, or other setup tasks to stress over – our professional team can take care of everything. Take a look at the drop-down list below for a sample of what we offer:

  • Hit your fans with the WOW factor – we’ll craft a show-stopping home page that integrates seamlessly with your brand and gets your fans talking about YOU! 
  • Get A-List brand consistency with a customized store theme made just for you!
  • Your own stunning, instantly memorable logo – designed by our team of elite artists!
  • More choices = more sales… stock your store with up to 40 must-have swag items and rake in the sales!
  • Reinforce your brand with your own custom URL!
  • Skip the headaches with your built-in Stripe merchant account – just connect and start growing revenue hands-free!  
  • Welcome a constant flow of buyers to your store with evergreen SEO – our experts will MAGNETIZE your swag store for ready-to-buy traffic! 
  • Ease your fans’ minds – your store comes with a SSL Certificate so visitors know they can buy without fear! 
  • Protect your business and your brand with done-for-your – Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other required notices and links.
  • Ignite your sales and audience reach with done-for-you Launch 

Done-for-You integration with the world's most trusted fulfillment platform

We’ve taken the guesswork (and the actual work) out of merchandise fulfillment by partnering with a strategic global network of premium suppliers and printers. 

That’s why LaunchCart owners and customer alike love us 

– customers enjoy a flawless experience every time, 

– and influencers enjoy rave reviews and effortless growth.

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$2997/ One Time

Express Setup & 15 Branded Products
30 Branded Products
Custom Logo Design
Custom Domain Setup
Custom Store Home Page
Custom Store Product Pages
All Over Print Products
Custom Graphic Design with a dedicated Designer

Dedicated Customer Support

Scaleable ECommerce Stores

Hundreds of Products



Influencers WANT to grow visibility and revenue hands-free.


Launch Cart brings them together – easily.


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